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What's The Difference Between Cellulose & Fiberglass Insulations?

About 35 db in sound reduction !


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In recent years many Canadian and US jurisdictions have increased the energy efficiency requirements for buildings. These changes have created challenges for the industry in terms of meeting the requirements without changing the structure itself (i.e. framing size).

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The Right Choice

When it comes to insulation you need to make the right choice – a high quality, environmentally friendly insulation that saves money. Take Comfort in choosing the best insulation from Therm-O-Comfort.

Our insulation products are:

Environmentally responsible - Made from 100% recycled wood products such as top quality newsprint, our products are environmentally sound products. Unlike synthetic fibreglass, they are made from organic fibres with little potential for skin irritation.

Extremely Safe - Treated with a special blend of fire retardant additives, our products help protect your building against fire, insects, mould, mildew, and wood destroying fungi.

Economical - In comparison to other types of insulation, our products are extremely cost effective. Owners will pay lower heating and cooling costs thereby increasing the value of their initial investment in insulation.

High Quality - Made with the highest quality recycled newsprint, our products provide a natural alternative to mineral fibre insulation. It is a relatively dense insulation that can reduce heat losses by as much as one third. Products are manufactured to exceed stringent national product standards using the ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Supported by Excellent Customer Service... Therm-O-Comfort has built its success by taking care of customers from start to finish. From manufacturing the insulation to efficiently delivering the product, to offering training and assistance to builders and contractors, Therm-O-Comfort is with you every step, every time.